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about me

Hi there! I'm The SQWD... SQWD for short. I'm an aspiring artist living in the heart of Canada, Winnipeg. I work as graphic designer which I enjoy doing, but my true passions are illustrating and painting.


I love to draw. I love to paint.


Most of my inspirations come from comics books as you clearly notice; it's what drives me to do what I do. Don't get me wrong, its not the only thing I focus on when it comes to Art, but it's what I feel comfortable working with.


As a kid, comics played a huge part of my life when growing up. I would read about these amazing Heroes with their special abilities, just at awe, feeling excited with every turn of the page. I still feel that way when I'm drawing or painting my inspirations. It keeps me doing what I love to do.


Art is my life. We're surrounded by it every day. I feel so blessed to use the tools that God's given me to it's full potential. To make each day colorful, imaginative and to explore all possibilities to create something beautiful.


Ok, that's enough about me. GO! Take a look around and enjoy! I hope you like what you see:)

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